Zwei paar Hände umschließen Weltkugel

About us


Founder Aatma Stephan Schumann
is a licensed naturopathic doctor and meditation teacher.

During a span of over 12 years in India he was taught the Vedic knowledge from the thousands of years old palm leaf books. Since 2002 he teaches and practices this knowledge in the West.


Samarah Jadwiga Schumann

Peace begins in each of us.


Jonathan D. Rosen
was the founder, teacher and healer of the Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen in Santa Cruz. He helped with the coordination of the World Peace Project in the United States.

Our beloved heartfelt friend and soulbrother left his body unexpectedly on November 26th, 2016.

Be loving in everything.
That's the whole point.


Thomas Stenzel

Founder of the association Shirdi Sai Global Trust. He finds a solution for every challenge.


Viola Kurth
translates the telephone conferences into English.

I'm a taxi driver in Berlin, I'm busy with mantra meditation since 2002. I find it
more effectively to meditate on change than to demonstrate. 


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